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Your Choices of Thought are Unlimited

While we are inarguably witnesses to a major test for our increasingly connected world, we are also participants; participants who must actively consider how our actions affect one another and our collective future. By being informed, remaining calm and making measured decisions, each of us can have an impact on our collective outcome.

With that in mind, we wanted to share our thinking here at Charter Oak, and our approach to being a thoughtful, responsible participant in managing our and YOUR affairs.

Our focus is on people.

Charter Oak knows the decisions we make not only affect our colleagues and their families, but the communities where they live and work. To that end, we are first and foremost concerned with our colleague’s health and well-being and have worked to limit in-person contact.

We are supporting our clients.

We are solidly focused on our commitment to you, our client. Our focus is on providing resources and support through communications to provide clarity and perspective, and to actively adjust your investments. We know it is in times of instability that we can best earn your confidence, and we are here to be your strong, reliable partner through the current volatility and beyond.

We are making decisions for the long term, while proactively
planning for, and reacting to, changing conditions.

In times like these, we are all challenged. The decisions we make and the actions we take today have added weight.  We know we can either add to the unrest or help to provide some calm for those who depend on us to help secure their financial futures.

At Charter Oak, we often talk about the ways in which our firm is unique and different from other institutions. We talk about the fact that our culture is what sets us apart from other companies. Our core philosophy has remained focused on you, our client.  We are deeply rooted in our dependability.

We remain focused…passionate…reliable…
and available to you.

We are confident we will weather this situation (just as we have persisted through past turmoil) by keeping our focus on the long term, maintaining the best possible service levels for our clients, and most important, showing – as individuals and as a firm – that caring for each other is our most important calling.

We thank you for the opportunity serve you, and welcome any possibility to help.