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Finding Financial Well-Being For You

Is What Defines Success For Us

Since 1992 our core philosophy has remained focused on you, our client.  We are deeply rooted in our transparency and habitual dependablity



In our strategies & solutions 


About what we do


By always following through


To talk any time

Are We Right For You?

We’re here to help New England’s hardest workers protect what they have today while preparing for what they’ll need tomorrow. You’ve spent decades saving diligently and investing in your family’s future, now it's time to get help.  

If you want professional guidance in picturing your financial future and determining when you can make work optional.  You want to meet and connect with an experienced advisor, one on one, who will get to know you, your goals, needs and wants.  You want an experienced guide to help you along your life-long financial journey, than 

Charter Oak might be a good fit for YOU.

Call us - (800)646-5720

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Do You Want To….

Protect the welfare of your family

But don’t always have time, and have more questions than answers?

Make sound investment decisions

But struggle with understanding investment risks and how to implement the right portfolio for you?

Know you’ll be able to enjoy retirement

But aren’t sure if you’re on track?

Our firm can help you and your finances stay focused on what matters most - your family’s well-being and your future financial independence.

Are You Still Searching For The Right Advisor?

We offer a complimentary evaluation for those interested in finding a trusted CFO for their family or a partner in investments. Get your questions answered and discover if we’re a good fit for you and your family 

Call us at (800)646-5720

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